Tai Chi Caledonia 2009

By: centrallyempty

Dec 03 2008


Category: IMA

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The catalogue for Tai Chi Caledonia 2009 is up on the web page. There is a full program of stuff, from sword to calligraphy, from breathing to fan, there is enough to interest the internally minded martial artist. and as i think this is the only thing like this in Scotland its nice to see it coming round again.

Personally I’d like to see a fight between Sam Masich, who’s “the problem with circles” class seems to want to challenge Luigi Zanini’s “Da Mu Xing;Walking the circle” class. I know who my money would be on.


One comment on “Tai Chi Caledonia 2009”

  1. I’m still curious to know who would be the winner đŸ˜‰

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